Frequently Asked Questions to solve your basic questions

11. Where can I buy Maxsell products in my area?

Maxsell has a sales and support network across Pan India. Please get in touch by clicking on the “contact” tab and fill in your details and requirements in the inquiry form or you can mail us at info@maxsell.co.in One of our channel partners shall contact you shortly.

22. Can I buy Maxsell products online?

We do not encourage the customer to buy products online or through any third-party portals. It has come to our notice that many unauthorized sellers who are selling online do not offer proper service support during pre-sales or post-sales. So we highly recommended buying our products from local dealers only.

33. Does a basic currency counter or a single denomination counter requires a software upgrade?

A basic currency counter or a single denomination counter do not require any software upgrade. They will continue to work for current legal tender banknotes issued by RBI.

44. Why should I update the software on my device?

RBI occasionally issues new banknotes in order to renew their security features. This makes it harder for counterfeiters to succeed. Maxsell provides currency software updates that allow the device to check and count the new currency. New software updates can be downloaded for free or you can contact the nearest local dealer or send a request mail to our support team at support@maxsell.co.in.

Note: Software upgrade is not mandatory for all the models.

55. How can I update my old Maxsell value counter/ note sorting machine for a new currency?

For every model, we have different software versions that can be upgraded on the machine itself. To upgrade the latest software you are requested to contact the reseller from who you purchased the device or you can click on this link and share your details regarding the same. Note sorting machines have an SD card slot up-gradation, which can be updated for free without any technical support.

66. How can I get online support to upgrade software?

For online support, please contact our support team, which will help you to update the software online. You are requested to share the details such as model number, serial number, and the latest updated version or you can follow this link We also extend support through remote applications at a nominal cost.

77.Does Maxsell offers machines that check and count foreign currencies?

Maxsell products are exclusively configured to count INR currency. However, it is possible for us to configure Maxsell products that count the currency of your choice. This is subjected to availability. Some of our high-end and professional models can be configured for foreign currencies, based on the client’s requirement. For more information, please get in touch by clicking on the “Contact” menu and fill in your details and requirements in the inquiry form.

88. How frequently does the Maxsell machine require maintenance?

Most of our models are designed using state-of-art technology which does not require a frequent maintenance. But to carry out a general maintenance you can refer to the user manual or subscribe to our YouTube channel that offers information about general maintenance or contact your nearest dealer. General periodic maintenance can help prolong the life of the product.

99. Can Maxsell's products detect counterfeit currencies with 100% accuracy?

There is no machine that can gives 100% accuracy. All our products are designed to meet our customers’ needs in counterfeit detection. Thus, it is impossible to make any product that could provide 100% accuracy in counterfeit detection.

1010. Do you have a "product buyback" policy?

Yes, we do have a buyback policy on all Maxsell products. For more information on buyback offers please contact our local channel partners.

1111. How can I contact Maxsell’s customer support?

Our support team is always willing to assist you with any queries you may have. Go to the "Contact" page to connect with us via phone number or email or chat.

12 12. Tell me about Maxsell's product warranty and post-purchase support.

All Maxsell products come with a 12-month manufacturing warranty. However, hardware and software up-gradation will be chargeable for the machines that are purchased before the launch of new currency.

1313. What is counterfeit detection? Also tell me about ultraviolet light, metal thread, infrared.

All banknotes incorporate various security features that help you identify their genuineness. For example, when UV light is shown on certain banknotes the UV markings printed on them get illuminated. Different counterfeit detection techniques check for different security features. The more counterfeit detection capabilities a device has, the higher the detection accuracy.

1414. Do all Maxsell products have the feature that can capture the serial number and track the banknotes and their transactions?

Not all models have this feature. The "Matrix Series" note sorting machines that we offer can identify banknote serial numbers and store the data. Also the user can record the respective transactions using SD card or PC. This will enable them to track transactions with just a few clicks. For more technical information please download our product datasheet or talk to our sales experts.

1515. Do you have a machine to count banknote bundles without removing the rubber band or staples?

As per the RBI's new guideline, no currencies or bundles are allowed to staple. However, for counting banknote bundles with a rubber band or paper band you can check out our MX600 Series Bundle Note Counters.

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